EZ Loader TMS announces new integration with Loadsure to offer clients additional per-load cargo value coverage

EZ Loader TMS announces new integration with Loadsure to offer clients additional per-load cargo value coverage

The integration with Loadsure provides EZ Loader TMS users the ability to instantly secure additional cargo value insurance on Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload shipments.

Who is Loadsure?

Loadsure® is the InsurTech solution to the global underinsurance crisis. Combining ground-breaking tech with incomparable industry expertise to provide a revolutionary product that delivers accurately-priced freight insurance in just 40 seconds or less. Loadsure is the industry’s first data-driven InsurTech MGA and Lloyd’s coverholder; built by an experienced team, dedicated to empowering the insurance market to better serve the freight community, maximizing profits and minimizing losses for all. 

How does Loadsure benefit brokerages?

Millions of uninsured and underinsured loads are transported across the U.S. every day, representing a massive liability to the customers you serve and a threat to their cash flow. Brokerages get an instant peace of mind while creating a new revenue stream that helps your customers manage their risk of cargo loss.

With pricing matched to your cargo’s unique specifications, brokerages see load coverage costs decreased by as much as 80%. This integration allows brokerages to get instant pricing and put their customer’s cargo insurance in their own hands. Instead of relying on carriers to manage your customer’s high value cargo, brokerages ultimately save both time and money when freight claims arise.

 How are Loadsure and EZ Loader TMS are working together?

EZ Loader TMS now offers any brokerage client the ability to access Loadsure per-load cargo value insurance coverage inside the TMS system. By simply inputting cargo value into any Truckload or Less-than-Truckload shipment, EZ Loader TMS will generate a Loadsure quote and allow for a one-click purchase that secures per-load cargo coverage on any shipment. This one-click quotes, books, and returns the insurance coverage document, which cuts back on the typical time taken to acqure insurance on a transactional basis.


Why EZ Loader TMS?

EZ Loader TMS offers a cloud-based transportation management software tailored to freight brokerages. EZ Loader TMS offers features that eliminate paperwork, automate your processes, and provide a powerful hub for your integrations. EZ Loader TMS truly values each client’s relationship as a partnership and drives the TMS forward through constant customer feedback by evaluating client needs and other industry tech disruptors. By providing a TMS that is constantly evolving, EZ Loader TMS provides a TMS that scale your business into the future.

What is Transportation Management Software, and what are its benefits?

Cloud-based TMS Software Solution from EZ Loader TMS
Cloud-based TMS Software Solution from EZ Loader TMS

Faster, simpler, streamlined, more cost-effective. That is what transportation management software (TMS) enables shippers and freight brokerages to accomplish. In the current economic environment, reaching such goals is a necessity if business is to thrive. A good cloud-based TMS software solution is a great “ally.”

What is Transportation Management Software, and what are its benefits?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a single platform for logistics that uses technology to help businesses plan, move freight and optimize the transportation of goods, and making sure the shipment is on time and proper documentation is available. In deciding whether to adopt TMS software for your business, it’s key to know not only what TMS software is, but also what it does. In short, software for transportation management delivers visibility into the entire supply chain in real time for third-party logistics (3PL) companies, carriers they partner with, and their customers.

Instead of calling, emailing or faxing partners, A TMS system sits between your brokerage and those that are involved in the shipping of goods for the customer. Orders and information can flow between the stakeholders in the load, speeding up processes and making your supply chain is faster and more efficient.

The fundamentals of transportation management systems

Looking at the broader picture, TMS software will help your company with:

  • Organization and Load Management
  • Freight Management
  • Order Processing
  • Cost Optimization
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Better Visibility
  • Automation of Shipping Process
  • Tracking Shipments
  • Carrier and Customer Management
  • Automate shipment processes
  • Operations
  • Reporting and data processing
  • Order and supply chain visibility
  • Accounting, payments and fulfilling load tenders
  • Document management and storage
  • Tender loads and manage freight

Honing in on the benefits of a transportation management system

TMS technology affects every part of your business process from planning loads to finding carriers to fulfill them. Because a TMS makes you more productive and efficient, customer satisfaction grows, and so, too, will your business. Here are a few factors that a TMS will bring to your business

The TMS visibility factor

The visibility gained when using an efficient Transportation Management System will keep everyone up to date help all parties  pivot in real time. Because of the transparency and visibility that is shared with others in the supply chain;

  • Load planning is more efficient
  • It is simpler to match carriers and move shipments
  • Tracking and tracing is simplified, both inbound and outbound
  • The entire shipping process is more efficient
  • Full place-to-place logistics management is handled from a single source and updates are shared with others. Goal tracking and live metrics become easy to set and easy for broker’s to view giving them real time management software.

The simplicity factor with a TMS

With the right TMS software provider, you can simplify every part of your supply chain activity. Carrier selection – simplified. Matching loads with carriers – simplified.  Posting to load boards and tendering loads – simplified.  Managing Paperwork– simplified.  Streamlining your back office – simplified.

Implementing a single platform TMS software will increase your broker’s satisfaction and keep them working smarter, not harder.

The money-saving TMS factor

 One of the biggest considerations in choosing any technology, time and money. A chief benefit of having a transportation management system is speeding up your operations, ultimately saving time, and giving you a great ROI on your TMS Software investment.

Saving time will reduce costs in both labor and management, and improved efficiency begets a superior response to customer demands, which leads to more satisfied customers. Additionally, the operational insights afforded by a TMS software for brokers and shippers will enable you make strategic changes that will help your business thrive. Time is money in the freight brokerage, an efficient Transportation management system will allow you to go after new business.

The TMS technology factor

Transportation management systems themselves improve your company’s technology stack. In transportation and supply chain management, the best TMS software is constantly evolving with the industry and adding new technologies/features all the time.  

From a data standpoint, using a cloud-based TMS software can lend itself to keeping up with freight and analytics from anywhere, giving the broker and customer the knowledge to make informed business decisions You can easily access operational history, book loads more efficiently, and provide more visibility and that is just a start. Your operations  become less stressful, and less time consuming because all are accomplished on a single platform. 

The happy customer factor

You’ll never hear the words, “Customer demands are decreasing.” They never do. Brokerages pride themselves on top-notch customer service and a providing a high service level to their clients. By implementing a TMS that provides your customers with technology, they will also enjoy the full benefits of a TMS With the analytics and reporting that come with a TMS software  you can give the customer the visibility and data that they need. With features like dashboards, customer portals, reports and email updates, a solid transportation management system will keep your customer happy with transparency and give them the feel of a true freight partner.

The where-is-my stuff factor

Heading east, heading west, north and south Customers want and need to know where their shipments are, some what to know where they are all the time. This requires your eyes to be everywhere at once.

With TMS tracking and location analytics, you and your customers will be able to keep a sharp eye on crucial freight.

All parties  can receive updates on shipment locations, when shipments are delivered, when there are delays for transit exceptions, etc. Based on your own experience as a consumer – and a shipper or broker – you know that wild and crazy things can happen to shipments while in transit. Or that the delays can be long – think Covid 19. With tracking capability in a transportation management software , you will immediately know what has happened and when, so you can adjust accordingly.

TMS-forward. What will tomorrow bring?

Already a game changer, TMS systems can be expected to become even more sophisticated. Leveraging artificial intelligence and partnering with other technologies are already an optional feature on some transportation management software. So, too, adaptation and automation are crucial – any TMS system that is constantly adapting and improving with faster technologies and automation is certainly looking to the future.

Other upgrades will most likely be developed so:

  • Information can be more detailed
  • Documentation is passed through more fluidly
  • Predictions will grow in accuracy
  • Greater Visibility
  • Faster Response Times
  • Recommendations will be better
  • More Automation and less clicks (already a feature in some TMS software)
  • More services combined into one software

Thinking about TMS software? Choose the best TMS vendor for your brokerage.

Thinking about TMS software? Choose the best TMS vendor for your brokerage.  

Transportation management system for brokers
Transportation management system for brokers

There was a time when phone calls and file cabinets full of paperwork served the freight brokerage industry well enough when managing freight. Fax machines and snail mail were the only options for quickly sending documents. And, of course, Excel spreadsheets, files and emails constituted transportation management systems. In some cases, they still do. They too, however, are reaching dinosaur status as companies and freight brokers recognize what TMS software providers now offer.

How do I choose the best transportation management system for my company?

Think of your current needs and what they may scale to in the future. You most likely are not going to want to be going through an upgrade every few years because your initial TMS software has proven inadequate for your growing need for superior supply chain management.

To find the top TMS system for your company, start with a survey of your current transportation management process.

  • Are you using software specifically designed for third-party logistics?
  • Is the system cloud-based? Does it require expensive servers and massive updates? Can it be accessed anywhere at any time?
  • How good is your visibility into where shipments are at any given time, and what has your experience been in terms of reacting to delays?
  • Does your current process include shipment tracking services and business intelligence so you can  provide customers with updates?
  • Day to day, how many people are involved in implementing, tracking, and processing shipments? How many invoices do you audit in a month? Is your TMS system automating back-office processes to speed up operations?
  •  Is your supply chain management process comprised of several systems that require integration with a TMS?
  • If you have a TMS in place, does it have digital advantages that cut out day-to-day tasks and create cost savings for your business?
  • Are you able to manage and report on your freight costs and maximize your carrier selection process?

Rank your needs before speaking with a transportation system service provider?

With a top TMS solution, you can see an ROI in time savings, bottom-line savings, error mitigation savings, or all three! Door 1, door 2, and door three. Which of these ROI drivers is most important to you?

Think about these issues in determining if you are ready to streamline and more easily manage freight costs and everything related to supply chain management.

  • Your TMS time-frame factor. Are you an “I need this system fully integrated with my current programs – and up and running yesterday” person? Or would you feel more comfortable with a slower, step-by-step process? And, given who will have access to your TMS solutions software, how user friendly do you want the interface to be? Does your current transportation management process save you both time and money and allow your freight brokers to work quickly and efficiently?
  • Your TMS growth factor. If your business is growing, you probably want to consider transportation management software that will easily scale as your needs change. Choosing TMS, though, depends on your budget and how much you want to spend on both implementation and subscriptions. Think about your modes of transportation and what areas you hope to grow in the future.
  • The clear-eyes TMS factor. The more you see, the more you know. Would full visibility into all your shipments take away uncertainty and save you time? Would real time metrics, dashboards, and custom reporting allow you to make better business decisions?

To find the top TMS System on the market? Talk to the right TMS Vendor.

Okay, you now should be closer to knowing what your priorities are in choosing TMS software, but your selection of a TMS vendor requires familiarity with what is available in the market and how TMS systems are sold.

  • Finding  the best TMS software provider requires not only understanding your needs, but also actively seeking out the features that will have the biggest positive impact on your business. The selection process can be tough, so beware of providers that charge high dollars for tools and features you will never use.
  • Reputation speaks volumes in every market, and TMS is not an exception. Research is key to choosing the top TMS vendor for your needs.  Look for reviews prepared bythird-party consultants, and don’t forget to gather intelligence from people who are already using the solution you are considering.

So many questions! EZ Loader TMS is ready to help. Book a demo with EZ Loader TMS. By diving into your business needs, we will be happy to provide a guided tour of our TMS solution. The result? A TMS solution that will fit your business model and drive sustainable growth.