EZ Loader TMS announces new integration with Loadsure to offer clients additional per-load cargo value coverage

EZ Loader TMS announces new integration with Loadsure to offer clients additional per-load cargo value coverage

The integration with Loadsure provides EZ Loader TMS users the ability to instantly secure additional cargo value insurance on Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload shipments.

Who is Loadsure?

Loadsure® is the InsurTech solution to the global underinsurance crisis. Combining ground-breaking tech with incomparable industry expertise to provide a revolutionary product that delivers accurately-priced freight insurance in just 40 seconds or less. Loadsure is the industry’s first data-driven InsurTech MGA and Lloyd’s coverholder; built by an experienced team, dedicated to empowering the insurance market to better serve the freight community, maximizing profits and minimizing losses for all. 

How does Loadsure benefit brokerages?

Millions of uninsured and underinsured loads are transported across the U.S. every day, representing a massive liability to the customers you serve and a threat to their cash flow. Brokerages get an instant peace of mind while creating a new revenue stream that helps your customers manage their risk of cargo loss.

With pricing matched to your cargo’s unique specifications, brokerages see load coverage costs decreased by as much as 80%. This integration allows brokerages to get instant pricing and put their customer’s cargo insurance in their own hands. Instead of relying on carriers to manage your customer’s high value cargo, brokerages ultimately save both time and money when freight claims arise.

 How are Loadsure and EZ Loader TMS are working together?

EZ Loader TMS now offers any brokerage client the ability to access Loadsure per-load cargo value insurance coverage inside the TMS system. By simply inputting cargo value into any Truckload or Less-than-Truckload shipment, EZ Loader TMS will generate a Loadsure quote and allow for a one-click purchase that secures per-load cargo coverage on any shipment. This one-click quotes, books, and returns the insurance coverage document, which cuts back on the typical time taken to acqure insurance on a transactional basis.


Why EZ Loader TMS?

EZ Loader TMS offers a cloud-based transportation management software tailored to freight brokerages. EZ Loader TMS offers features that eliminate paperwork, automate your processes, and provide a powerful hub for your integrations. EZ Loader TMS truly values each client’s relationship as a partnership and drives the TMS forward through constant customer feedback by evaluating client needs and other industry tech disruptors. By providing a TMS that is constantly evolving, EZ Loader TMS provides a TMS that scale your business into the future.

Improve shipping logistics with a freight management system

EZ Loader TMS Dashboard

Improve shipping logistics with a freight management system

Automate and streamline your freight-shipping process with freight management software, and you will be able to say good-bye to many of the headaches that come with supply chain logistics and transportation management.

A freight management system gives you more immediate control of shipping from a single software solution that provides full visibility for your entire supply chain.

So while transportation shipping software decreases those headaches for freight shippers and brokers, it can also prevent them by saving shippers considerable time and money: Cloud-based freight management delivers a lower total cost of ownership and is easy to implement because no IT support is needed.

Freight management system? Freight management software? Transportation shipping software? What are they?

You’ve probably noticed by now that the industry uses different terms to describe software solutions for shippers:  freight management software, freight management systems, and also transportation shipping software. They all represent the same shipping and logistics functions and benefits and are used interchangeably. The term that encompasses them all, TMS!

What does shipping logistics mean?

Let’s break it down. Shipping is howgoods are moved from one place to another. Logistics is how you handle the number of supplies and goods you have at the present time. The goal, of course, is to use resources at the right time in the right place to take advantage of cost-savings opportunities.

What does a freight management system do?

In a nutshell, it makes it easy for brokers and shippers to:

  • Provide clients with an optimized shipping solution
  • Provide LTL and truckload freight rates
  • Book orders instantly
  • Automate back office work and invoicing
  • Search all transportation modes and lane history
  • Manage carriers and build multi-carrier networks
  • Track shipments 24/7
  • Manage and process documentation digitally
  • Give better visibility to both clients and decision makers

Are there other reasons should I invest in freight management software?

There are many, because a good freight management solution delivers on all of the “I wish I could” dreams (or mutterings) brokers and shippers have.

  • Incorporate all modes of transport – truckload, expedited, and LTL
  • Consolidate and optimize shipments for cost effectiveness
  • Improve accuracy and save time with system-to-system integrations
  • Reduce administrative costs and errors by managing tasks
  • Automatically document and audit invoices, claims handling, and exceptions
  • Keep shippers and their customers informed of shipping statuses
  • Offer a large carrier pool to help shippers identify the best carrier in terms of price and service
  • Institute prepaid and itemized accessorial charges in customer billing to avoid losing money
  • Produce easy-to-read reports
  • Keep track of every cost and service level from an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Manage LTL shipments with a fully integrated LTL portal
  • Better manage posted loads with load board integrations

Things to look for when choosing a shipping solution

  • A platform that can scale with your business
  • Full analytical capabilities that can highlight well-managed supply chain segments and expose segments that need improvements
  • A pricing plan that works for you; generally monthly or annual payments are offered for cloud-based TMS systems
  • A system that easily integrates your third-party shipping software directly into your TMS seamlessly

The EZ Loader cloud-based TMS freight management system provides tools and technology that will boost productivity and scale alongside your business. Our dashboards and reporting analytics give you the ability to monitor rep activity and meet your sales goals. Digital automation eliminates paperwork and back office processes to increase operational efficiency and provide a shipping solution that advances your brokerage.

Built-In portals are included with EZ Loader giving your customer access to TMS technology that sticks. Our fully integrated LTL platform gives users the ability to obtain freight rates, book loads, and dispatch carriers. Come see how EZ Loader is driving rapid growth among brokerages and shippers of all sizes. Schedule a Demo of EZ Loader TMS today