Business Package

Our Business Package gives you and your team full access to the features and automation that make EZ Loader TMS unlike any other TMS by leveraging an easy-to-use interface that is packed with digital features and a fully-automated back office. With built-in carrier onboarding, customer portals, freight matching and more, EZ Loader’s goal is to equip brokers with the tools they need to be successful. EZ Loader TMS automates your sales, operations, and accounting process so you can spend time on what you do best, servicing your customers. Book a demo to find out what all EZ Loader TMS has to offer and how our business package, or any of our other packages, can help you grow your business.

Business Package Benefits – Included!

Everything from Starter Package PLUS:

  • Full Training and Support
    You will be assigned a Customer Success Manager that will take you through training sessions and make sure your team is fully trained and ready to serve your customers in our system.

  • Included Integrations and Services
    Business Package gains access to our suite of integrations at no additional cost for setup. See our integrations here

  • Custom Load List
    Customize EZ Loader TMS to your needs. The Custom Load List gives each user the ability to customize the data that they see to make their job more efficient

  • Full Accounting Automation
    We have taken the the accounting process and automated 90% of the process through the EZ Loader TMS AI Powered Accounting Automation. Driven by backend automation, a load goes from Delivered to Invoiced through an automated process that will increase your accounting efficiency x10. EZ Loader takes the frustration out of the accounting process for you.

  • POD/Invoice Carrier Portal Automation
    Automatically send drip campaigns to carriers requesting PODs and Invoices on delivered loads. Web links allow carriers to directly upload documentation and submit any rate changes for you to review internally.

  • Freight Matching
    Users are able to use Freight Matching to pull in qualifying carriers by matching them based on previous lane history. Automatically send out load tenders and rate confirmations to quickly book loads within your network.

  • Customer Portal
    Give your customer a (free) login to EZ Loader TMS. When you set your customers up on our customer portal, they will see a branded dashboard with upcoming load information as well as the ability to search and view their historic loads. Along with customer reporting, your customers will feel like they are being overserved before you even pick up the phone.

  • Document Management
    Our document management platform gives you the ability to quickly manage and assign a large group of documents and assign them to Loads or Profiles in the system. Efficiency at its finest.

  • Invoice Audit
    Never go looking for required documents or have to keep up with customer specific requirements with our Invoice Audit feature. Set the requirements for invoicing in the customer profile and let the automation take over. Work the Invoice Audit page to make sure you have all your requirements for invoicing as well as auditing incoming carrier invoices.

Business Package Setup

Included with Setup:
Complete Training
Dedicated Customer Support
All Integrations
Data Upload

Business Pro Package

When you are ready to turn it up a notch with our LTL Portal or EDI Connection, Business Pro Package is what you need. With our LTL Portal, we give you the power to get rates, compare those rates, build and dispatch loads for your LTL clientele. This also gives you access to be able to set your customers up with access to the portal, add margin and manage the loads that they book. Book a demo to find out what all EZ Loader TMS has to offer and how starter tier, or any of our other tiers, can help you grow your business.

Business Pro Package Benefits – Included!

Everything from Business Package PLUS:

  • LTL Portal
    Harness the power of EZ Loader’s built-in LTL portal to rate, build and dispatch loads directly to your LTL Partners. Pull in all of your LTL Carrier Rates in one place and compare them to each other, ensuring you are both cost effective and timely on your LTL shipments. EZ Loader also gives you the ability to set your customers up on the LTL portal with custom margin at no additional charge to you. Our LTL portal also creates the necessary documentation, such as a BOL and labels, and then pulls in tracking information post pick up.

  • EDI/API Integrations
    Have a customer (or a few) that requires EDI? Business Pro Package is for you. Once setup with a customer, we will never charge you per message to send or receive EDI messages. 

Business PRO Package Setup

Included with Setup:
Complete Training
Dedicated Customer Support
All Integrations
Data Upload
LTL Carrier API Setup (existing carriers)

EDI Setup

One-time per customer for setup.
No charge for messages