Pick a Plan that Works for You and Your Business

EZ Loader TMS pricing tiers are designed for brokerages that are serious about using technology to gain and service their customers. Business and Business Pro include the full power of software with full back office and AI automation, Freight Matching, Portals and EDI Connectivity.
**Enterprise pricing available for brokerages with more than 20 user seats.**

Frequently Asked Question

We have compiled a few commonly asked questions. If you have a different question, feel free to contact us in the email form above or click one of the contact links at the top of this page. 

What are the benefits of a cloud-based TMS?

  • Reduce IT Cost – EZ Loader TMS gives you more bang for your buck. With our built-ins, you get more than just your run of the mill TMS.
  • Scalability – From one user to hundreds, EZ Loader was built to scale. When we built EZ Loader TMS, one of our BETA test companies grew from 30 – 150 users in two years. EZ Loader TMS was the backbone of their brokerage.
  • Flexibility – With a cloud-based TMS, you are flexible in where and when you log into your Transportation Management System. No more server hosted software.
  • Access to Automatic Updates – With a cloud-based TMS, software can be updated automatically in the background without installs or server work. At EZ Loader TMS, we are constantly building and improving on features and systems within the software.

Are there any additional or hidden costs with EZ Loader TMS? Are there charges per load, per electronic signature, or for additional customer portal logins?

No! WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. Our user seat subscriptions are all inclusive. The only extra charge is our opt-in tracking service, which is bought at a package price.

How To Get Started With it?

You can get started by requesting a demo. We will contact you and get you set up see all of the features of EZ Loader TMS and how we could be the next best thing for your business. You can also call our Sales Team at (855) 939-5623 x1

What are the main benefits of EZ Loader TMS?

 :fire:User-Friendly, Cloud-Based Interface
 Team Training And Live Support
 Easy Implementation
 Seamless Data Upload
 API / EDI Integrations
 Affordable Pricing Tiers
 Scalable Model
 No Long-Term Contracts Required

Can my current technology stack integrate with EZ Loader TMS?

Yes! EZ Loader TMS has a full list of integrations to make your technology stack completely compatible with your Transportation Management System. Have a technology that you use everyday that you want integrated? Just ask!

Is there a maximum number of customers or carriers we can have?

No, we do not limit the amount of customers or carriers you can have in the system. We have a Pre-built database of carriers built into EZ Loader TMS that you can onboard into your system easily with our Digital Carrier Onboarding.

We currently use a different TMS, will I have to start over with my data?

Because all of your information is owned by you, most load management software will allow a data download. We can take this data and upload it into EZ Loader TMS so you do not miss a step!

What makes EZ Loader TMS better than other transportation management systems?

EZ Loader’s functionality and stunning design make it the perfect software for your 3PL. Our dashboards give you an up yo date overview of your company’s status or an individual user’s status, whole our detailed reports let you customize and view the details of anything you need to see.

Everything you need to run a business of any size is built in and included with EZ Loader TMS. Request a demo today to see how EZ Loader software could benefit your company.