Integrations & Partnerships

EZ Loader is built to be empowered by integrations at every end point to add additional value for users. Integrate with your LTL Carriers, carriers monitoring services, factoring, accounting software, and much more.

“Thanks to Michael and the team at EZ Loader, the integration process was seamless and straightforward. EZ Loader clients can post and book loads on the Load Board without having to leave their TMS - giving them the full benefit of both solutions.”

-Carlos Pedraza, Implementation Manager

Bringing the power of DAT inside your TMS as an integration is a key element to improving efficiencies within any brokerage. Our seamless integration with DAT connects the two powerful platforms to give mutual customers the full benefits of both EZ Loader and DAT.”

-Hans Grauert, Partnership Manager

LTL Portal Integrations

Below are our LTL Integrations. If you have rates with any of these providers, we can quickly and easily input your API key and it is off to the races.

Direct Carriers

Partner Carriers