Freight shipment tracking

How do you track freight shipments? Use freight tracking software to stay on top of where each shipment is and other relevant shipping information. Freight tracking software is easily integrated into good TMS software. Such is the case with EZ Loader’s freight tracking system for LTL Shipments, which returns the LTL carrier’s tracking number (also known as a pro number) and then brings in all the tracking details from that carrier. EZ Loader also provides a truckload shipment tracking service, but also readily integrates with outside truckload tracking services such as ELD Based or Macropoint App Based Tracking.

With LTL shipments, LTL carriers use barcodes to scan in shipments at each stop, e.g., each terminal it goes through. Each barcode has associated pro number, or tracking number, that users can access to tracking each stop along the way. A shipment from Florida to Tennessee may stop at four or five terminals in a single transit and be loaded and unloaded based on its next destination and consolidated with different freight. A good TMS will pull in these scans and updates from carriers to show users exactly when and where their shipments have checked in and out of terminals to provide ETAs.