Freight invoice reconciliation

What is automatic freight invoice reconciliation? It is part of a TMS that eliminates the paperwork – and errors – associated with manual rate matching. A good TMS will consolidate your invoices and create a batch that attaches additional necessary documentation to the invoices. With freight invoice reconciliation, brokers can consolidate all the accounts payable and paperwork from multiple vendors. That enables shippers to receive one weekly invoice for all vendor billing.

EZ Loader automates document collection and the audit process, sending batches of invoices to clients on a schedule your clients choose. This allows EZ Loader to go to work on account receivables by automatically batching out reconciled loads from the TMS. EZ Loader’s auto batch invoicing TMS feature reads the amount entered for carrier invoices (accounts payable) and matches them with the rate originally entered for the lane. Mismatched amounts or invoices with discrepancies will be automatically placed into audit status for an accounting review prior to invoicing. Auto batch invoicing also provides the in-depth data required for strategic reporting and measurement. It not only streamlines the process, but in doing so also enables brokers to save time and money on accounts payable processing. EZ Loader’s TMS enables 24/7 on-demand access to your weekly freight invoice which comprises all of the weekly freight shipments in the TMS.