Digital freight matching

Digital Freight Matching enables brokers to match shipper demand (the need to transport a product) with carrier supply (truck capacity) via digital (web- or mobile-based) platforms, usually in the form of apps. EZ Loader freight matching software accesses the carriers that best meet certain criteria – e.g., proximity, history of running the same or similar loads, and others – at the click of a button. Brokers can then send a digital load tender (built automatically from the load in EZ Loader) to carriers, view their offers, and accept the best rate. A rate confirmation is then sent to the chosen carrier for an e-signature.

EZ Loader logs a running history of all freight matching and paperwork sent and signed from the system, streamlining the process of finding carriers. Using automated digital links for paperwork and electronic signatures adds to the value of a digital freight matching tool by taking a big portion of the time and headache away from the broker or TMS user.