Feature Categories

We have broken our features into sections to give you a better feel of the power and ease of use of EZ Loader TMS. Our goal has always been to make the most efficient transportation management system that will allow users to double their productivity in our system.

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Dashboards & Load Management

Increase visibility with live data on sales and operations metrics by utilizing our three dashboards.

Personal Dashboard

Allows the user to see sales and operations information on their customers and loads in real time.

My Team Dashboard

Gives you a full view of what is going on with your team today, this week and this month.

CRM Dashboard

Allows a sales rep to keep up with a broad overview of their sales funnel and get a overview of the health of their sales process.

Simple Load Building

With our New Load Wizard, building loads is as easy as 1-2-3. With this 3 step process, along with default locations and saved items, you can build a load in seconds. 

Step 1
Details & Customer Rate

After selecting which customer to build for, the first page is for reviewing the customer info and creating the details and customer rate.

Step 2
Lane & Item Details

Step 2 is where you build all stops (even multistop) and items within the load. Addresses and Items autofill and can be set to default.

Step 3
Carrier Details & Rate

Add your carrier, leave it blank, or post this load to a connected load board. Place the Carrier Rate and send a Digital Rate Confirmation.

Thorough Load Management

Your Transportation Management System should give your team the ability to manage all of your freight with ease. We built EZ Loader TMS around the idea that the ability to find, process, and analyze your information is the best way to be efficient.

Advanced Search

EZ Loader TMS is powered by the ability to quickly and easily access all of your data. Advanced Search allows you to find active and historical loads.

Custom Load List

Your load list is fully customizable with 5 categories and over 70 columns to choose from, hide and unhide what is useful to your job. See the Load List however you need it!

Easily Navigated Load Page

A transportation management system should allow you to easily view the information you need and avoid the rest. Our load page was designed just for that.

Digital Signatures & Documents

Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork and discover the ease of digital documentation. Carriers and Customers are able to receive and e-sign confirmations, agreements and more directly in EZ Loader TMS.

Digital Signatures

At EZ Loader TMS, we understand the importance of streamlining processes for freight brokers. To make your work easier, we have incorporated a digital signature function into our TMS specifically designed for freight brokers. With this feature, your dispatchers, new customers, and carriers can easily sign documents digitally, eliminating the need for waiting on emails with scanned copies. Plus, all signatures and documents are securely saved and documented for legal purposes.

Rate Confirmations

Customer Confirmations

Sending Rate Confirmations and Customer Confirmations are a breeze in EZ Loader. Simply build the load and send the rate con, the carrier and customer will receive an email with a unique link that will take them to a page that shows the details of the load. They can sign off at the bottom of the screen. A PDF copy is sent to you and them as well as saved in the load. 

Automated Documents

Your Transportation Management System should give your team the ability to manage all of your freight with ease. We built EZ Loader TMS around the idea that the ability to find, process, and analyze your information is the best way to be efficient.

Sales Tools & CRM Built-Ins

A CRM is the cornerstone for any sales team. With EZ Loader TMS,  you empower your sales team by having a full CRM within your TMS eliminating data replication and streamlining your sales process.

CRM Dashboard

Allows a sales rep to keep up with a broad overview of their sales funnel and get a overview of the health of their sales process.

Tasks & Reminders

Tasks allow you to quickly set reminders for customers, carriers, prospects and loads. Quickly set tasks within your current screen and work them quickly in our task queue. Reminders will trigger at the set date and time so your team is always up to date.

Prospects → Customers

Maintain profiles for your prospects with notes, tasks and information about your potential customer. When they are ready to move some loads, transfer them to a customer profile

Carrier Relationships Build Your Business

Carrier Relationships are incredibly important in this industry. When creating EZ Loader TMS for freight brokerages, we focused on making your interactions with carriers seamless and efficient. Access your carrier network and foster long-term relationships by utilizing digital carrier onboarding, digital rate confirmations and POD & Invoice Upload portals. We push the envelope to make both the broker’s and carrier’s jobs easier.

Customer & LTL Portals

Customer visibility and information is key in logistics. Our Customer and LTL Portals give your customer more information and more control in their shipping process. 

Customer Portal

Give your customer a (free) login to EZ Loader TMS. When you set your customers up on our customer portal, they will see a branded dashboard with upcoming load information as well as the ability to search and view their historic loads. Along with customer reporting, your customers will feel like they are being overserved before you even pick up the phone.

LTL Portal

Harness the power of EZ Loader’s built-in LTL portal to rate, build and dispatch loads directly to your LTL Partners. Pull in all of your LTL Carrier Rates in one place and compare them to each other, ensuring you are both cost effective and timely on your LTL shipments. EZ Loader also gives you the ability to set your customers up on the LTL portal with custom margin at no additional charge to you. Our LTL portal also creates the necessary documentation, such as a BOL and labels, and then pulls in tracking information post pick up.

LTL Rating

Access your network of LTL Carriers and quickly rate contracted LTL, Volume and Guaranteed Spot Pricing. EZ Loader’s built in LTL parameters dynamically adjust for overlength and volume to ensure accurate pricing.

LTL Carrier Management

Be able to manage and compare your LTL Carrier rates on each lane. Load in your own blankets, customer specific pricing or allow EZ Loader to get you set up with LTL pricing through a preferred partner.

Carrier Onboarding & Load Matching

Simplify the process of bringing on and updating carrier information with our digital onboarding. Carriers are able to onboard and upload information directly into EZ Loader for your review.

Carrier Database & Integrations

EZ Loader TMS has a carrier database that can be searched via MC#. We also are integrated with your favorite carrier monitoring system to pull insurance information automatically

All Things Digital

Gone are the days of print, sign, scan, send. Select your carrier that you would like to onboard, click “send onboarding” and they will receive an email with a link to the digital onboarding page.

Carrier Onboarding Portal

The onboarding link will take the carrier to the onboarding portal. This will allow them to upload insurance, W9, and Authority. This will also let them view and sign your carrier agreement. 

EZ Freight Matching

Discover the power of EZ Freight Match. By utilizing this feature, users are able to pull in qualifying carriers by matching them based on previous lane history. Automatically send out load tenders and rate confirmations to quickly book loads within your network.

This helps you build relationships with your carriers and should save time on finding trucks for common lanes.

How Does Freight Matching Work?

Send tenders to carriers that best match the “available” load you are trying to build. EZ Loader Freight Broker TMS searches all past loads for any carrier that has run the lane that has the equipment type available.

Broker Carrier Freight Matching

Email Sent to Group of Carriers

Once you select which carriers would fit best on this load an email is sent out with a link to a “Book It Now” page. The first carrier to click “Book Now” will receive the load at the rate you designate.

Freight Matching Automated Email

Booking Page Gives Load Details

Once the carrier reaches the booking page. They are given the details of the load and a “book now” button. First person to book the load gets it. Everyone else gets a message that the load has already been booked. 

Freight Broker TMS Book It Now Page

Matching Automation Sends Rate Confirmation

Once a carrier has booked the load at the rate you put on the load, they will be sent an email with the rate confirmation. All you do is send out your tenders and wait for the email notifications that it is booked and then signed 

Freight Broker TMS Book It Now Page

Carrier Document Retrieval

Automatically send drip campaigns to carriers requesting PODs and Invoices on delivered loads. Web links allow carriers to directly upload documentation and submit any rate changes for you to review internally.

POD & Invoice Email Drip Campaign

As soon as a TL load is set to “delivered” status, a user is prompted to send a POD/Invoice request to the dispatcher or factoring company based on what is set up in the AP for that carrier. Our Freight Broker TMS then begins a series of automations to remind the carrier that they need to upload the POD and Invoice for this load. This is the first link in the chain of AI Accounting Automation for Freight Brokers. 

Carrier POD/Invoice Submission Portal

Carriers will receive an email with a link to a POD/Invoice page for this particular load. Here they can submit PODs, Invoices, and Miscellaneous Documents to support their invoice. They also have the ability to request additional costs if there are any. Once submitted, this load will begin it’s journey in automation for invoicing your customers. What other transportation management system does that?

Accounting Automation & Sync

Years ago when EZ Loader TMS began, there were manual processes that had to be done in order to handle accounting in the system. This led to far too many accountants doing jobs that could have been automated. We have taken the the accounting process and automated 90% of the process through the EZ Loader TMS AI Powered Accounting Automation. Driven by backend automation, a load goes from Delivered to Invoiced through an automated process that will increase your accounting efficiency x10. EZ Loader takes the frustration out of the accounting process for you.

Accounting Sync

Two-way accounting sync is available for all tiers with our seamless quickbooks online integration. Sync invoices, payments and maximize your accounting workflow. Our sync program works best with Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop.

Management & Reporting

Management roles and responsibilities are made easy in EZ Loader TMS. Each user is assigned a user group with the appropriate roles and permissions. Separate users into teams to utilize the hierarchy that is needed to run an efficient logistics company. 

Detailed Custom Reporting

Detailed reports are available in both excel and PDF formats and cover a wide range of sales, operations and accounting data. Customized reporting is also available for any specific parameters and can be tailored to your business need.