About EZ Loader TMS

EZ Loader TMS is a cloud-based Transportation Management System tailored for the freight brokerage and 3PL. Our easy-to-use interface is complimented by an arsenal of features that boost efficiency, automate daily tasks and increase user visibility. We are more than just a TMS, our powerful built-ins include a CRM, Customer Portal and LTL Portal. These built-in features give your customers access to sticky technology and our CRM allows your team to take prospects through the complete sales cycle. You can rely on our back end automation to take loads of work off your plate by automating your accounting process and leaving you more time to service your clients and grow your business.

EZ Loader TMS Beginnings

EZ Loader TMS begin in 2013 when former freight brokerage (Logistics Made Simple) owners (Brendon Wilson & Steven Smith) contracted a development team to build out a TMS for their brokerage. Handling all forms of domestic transportation, their focus was on full truckload, LTL and expedite markets. As they begin to grow, they started to search for the right management technology for their brokerage and found that many options were overpriced, outdated, and were built by tech companies who did not understand the industry. They begin developing EZ Loader TMS around their team incorporating all facets of the business including sales, operations and accounting.

As the TMS was developed, our team quickly saw the potential of the of the system. In 2017, EZ Loader TMS was separated as its own business and Michael Pair was brought in to do extensive needs analysis in the brokerage. This needs analysis led to the development of our core automation and an interface redesign which makes our TMS one of the most user friendly on the market. Once these updates were complete, LMS growth skyrocketed as they grew from 20 to 55 million in sales revenue over a three-year period. Brendon and Steven have since sold Logistics Made Simple and taken EZ Loader TMS to the market.

The goal of EZ Loader TMS is to provide a full-service management system that will allow you to grow and build your business. By automating tasks and speeding up daily process by introducing digital advantages, EZ Loader TMS will go to work for you by streamlining your operations. EZ Loader TMS is extremely easy to implement and includes full team training, so that you and your team can transition quickly and benefit instantly. Our model is built to scale with affordable options for new brokerages all the way up to full enterprise packages including API and EDI integrations. Many systems will claim they are “Built by Freight Brokers”, but EZ Loader TMS was not only built inside a growing brokerage but proven in the field.

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